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I think I am satisfied with the current state of my Personal Portfolio project, though it is a bit bare-bones as usual :sweat_smile:

Would appreciate any feedback :pray:

Hey @lancelote !Good work ,mate !

Here are my thoughts, the #navbar doesn’t need a flex or a position to it.You have already made them stack in a row by using flex inside#nav-links.

I would encourage you to use units consistently in your styles.Be it with percentages/em/rem/pixels.Stick to one and use it throughout for the set of properties you use. General thumb rule I follow is % for width ,vh for height and em/px for font-sizes.

Also the footer can look lot less smaller height-wise with the profile links ,since its just a footer.

And as you have mentioned it is bare-bones.I would encourage you to experiement with more styles / refer to some portfolio template and try to recreate that. That’s very close to mimicking what you do on a daily basis at work.

Cheers ! Keep Coding :slight_smile:

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I used it to move nav bar buttons to the right. Not sure if this is the easiest way to do it though.

Yeah, that makes sense, not sure why I used rem :sweat_smile:

It was actually a design decision. Probably not very thought-through :grimacing:

Will do! Thank you for the review :bowing_man:

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