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Hello everybody,

I have save four pictures in JPG format and I wanted to link them in HTML page using the tag . In order to that those images have to be hosted somewhere in the internet so I decided to host them in my Google Drive and put here src=" link to the Google Drive".

But this solution is not working. Any idea why or other solution for this?
Can we have a space in CodePen to put there are images, sound etc.

I would like to put those image links to put there the screen shot of finished projects .

Here is the project link :

On that project page you can see that the first image is broken, that is the link to my Google Drive. The rest are links to the picture that somebody is hosting that image on the internet.

Thank you in advance!



Hi @Junier

It appears your app is being blocked from accessing the image by the browser. There is a message in the browser console.

Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response with MIME type text/html. See for more details.

Yes codepen has a feature for hosting static assets. You can check in the asset hosting doc. Though it is strictly for those with PRO accounts.

You can read more about this CORB feature in chrome from here.

I have seen people hosting their images in a GitHub repository. Perhaps you can try that as well.

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Thanks MJ,

I will check how to do that on GitHub



Hi Nibble

Thank you I did it!


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