Personal portfolio - mostly done, but doesn't look good on mobile

For the most part, it’s done… just trying to get the responsiveness right. Any ideas?

Help appreciated.

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Hi Joseph,

Good Job! . Few Suggestions:

  1. The typography requires attention though, you need to mix n match the fonts with their weights or types etc. to create some contrast between the type so that it looks good. Now as all the content has similar font so nothing stands out in the about and work section.
    2.Also you have used pull-right or float on the headings which can be avoided. Instead simply align the text right without floating it. You can use .text-right/.text-left/.text-center class of bootstrap to align the text to the right/left/center.
  2. And don’t give height to the section elements, that is what is disrupting the responsiveness and messing up the sections. Remove height:100% from the sections and most of the problem with the responsiveness should be solved. Sections will expand automatically with the content.

Keep moving forward!


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you’re awesome man, thank u!

You’re welcome bro. Keep marching ahead!