Personal Portfolio Navbar Top of the Viewport Test

Struggling here guys why won’t the test recognise it being at the top when it’s clearly welded to it, I’ve tried copying the template codepen CSS, removing default margin and padding as well as removing media queries.

In your CSS you are applying a lot of rules to #navbar ul that in fact should be applied to just #navbar. The only rule that needs applying to #navbar ul is list-style-type: none;

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Thanks for the reply, believe me my codepen code isn’t the same as what I do originally in vsc, I’m just trying to pass these damn fcc tests and thought I could get there by changing bulks of my css to the template to no avail.

Did you get your tests to pass? If you make the changes I mentioned in my previous post your project will pass all the tests.

Although not necessary to pass the tests, you could also change the rule margin-top: -10px; to top: 0px;. This is the preferred way of anchoring the navbar to the top of the screen.

Cheers sorry for late response I only study every other day, that worked perfectly which I still don’t fully understand but 12/12 thanks a lot.