Personal Portfolio - no bootsrap - How did I do?

Hey guys.

I’ve recently finished my portfolio site. Would love to hear what you think, please don’t be afraid to critique I would love to learn what I can do better etc.

This is my second portfolio site. I built my first one with bootstrap and liked it for about a week (then hated it) then decided to make another one and learn a little bit about responsive design without using bootstrap.

Thanks for your time!

Good job on this portfolio! It’s pretty seamless from a large screen to a small screen!

Couple of things I noticed:

  • Your footer text is 0.1 em? I’m not sure if that’s on purpose. If not, a couple tips for the footer is you can use padding to center your text vertically. The p tag on the footer also still has its (iirc) margin styles which pushes the footer upwards, especially on a smaller screen.
  • ::first-letter might be a CSS selector you’d be interested in
  • Input tags should have labels. Here’s an answer on Stack Overflow about it. It’s semantic and makes your forms accessible.

@thelittleblacksmith This is really good feedback, thanks for taking the time.

Well spotted regarding the footer, I’ll make a few changes with that.

::first-letter is great! wish I knew that earlier, Would make the drop cap much easier than messing with the span.

I’m glad you mentioned about the labels also, Just added some in. That should help people with screen readers.

Your welcome, hope it helped! If you’re developing on/have access to Safari (or if you just want to try bleeding edge CSS stuff), you might want to give initial-letter a try. (Scroll down a bit on this article to see it implemented.)

@thelittleblacksmith I’ll give that a read, thank you!