Personal Portfolio now working . Feedback/suggestions needed plaese

Have a look . The message you’ll send me using the form on this
portfolio page won’t reach me , as i still don’t know much of backend . And the skills % on this page is mostly random !! Any corrections/ suggestions are welcomed . Thanks .

Hello Praven,

I like the way you organize the projects, it will be easy to see your work, which will show your skills. By the other hand, I think in stead of putting the percentage of each skill, it would be nicer to tell your story about how you become a developer and what obstacle you have to go through to performe each project, which as I said, they will show the skills earned.


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Hey . That’s a pretty good advice as i also thought showing % is actually awkward as there is no parameter to measure them but it looked good on that page so i went through with it ! But now i think instead of using those percentages i can use your advice to add struggles/stories or maybe add difficulty level of each project. I’ll definitely work on your advice and try to add what work the best in this case . Thanks :slight_smile: !!

Cool-looking page. I like how you have your projects area set up, and the background/scroll effect works well. I agree with @techednelson about the skills section (though it would be cool if there were a way to measure that).

The only suggestion I’d make, which is more personal preference than anything else, is to consider making your intro/text block at the top (next to your picture) have an opaque background, and maybe angle it a bit like you did with your picture. For me, it looks a little weird with one opaque block and one transparent block – but again, that’s just personal preference.

The social media buttons at the bottom look nice, too. Great page!

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Hey thanks for the advice !! i actually wanted to lower the opacity of background in that that intro text next to my picture but couldn’t figure out how to do that( any ideas ? ) ! Yeah it seems percentages next to skills definitely needs an alternative and i’m actually thinking what i could replace it with , as removing it completely might make page less detailed .
And thanks once again for advice and appreciation ! :slight_smile:

Adding this style to your div gives the background a faded/semi-opaque quality:

background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.6)

StackOverflow once again for the win.

Awesome ! It worked , after lots of wasted attempts CHANGED it now. Thanks so much for that .

I’m glad you said something… I never knew how to do that either, but it’s a cool trick.

That intro block looks awesome!

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