Personal portfolio on codepen: one of the media queries not working


i am almost done with my personal portfolio page in the freecodecamp portfolio.
I made two media queries, one seems to work fine, the other one not at all (for the smaller devices).
Now the project tiles are shown in two columns, i want them in one column on small devices (like in the second media query). I looked into media queries and css grid again but can´t figure out what is wrong.
I am not sure if I should copy all of the code here?
Here is a link to the page:

Thank you.

You have forgotten a curly brace on line 125 in your css file.

I can see a curly brace there?

On the right side of the CSS code box click the down arrow and from the menu select Analyze CSS.

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I mean it shouldn’t be there.

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Thank you so much, i got it now :slight_smile:

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Thank you, now i understood the answer regarding the curly brace!

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