Personal Portfolio page 7th step

Here’s my code so far, i cannot get passed step 7 with the link in the navbar, can anybody point what i am doing wrong? Thank you

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<!DOCTYPE html>



  <div id="welcome-section">
  <nav id="navbar">
    <a href=#about>About</a>
    <a href=#work>Work</a>
    <a href=#contact>Contact</a>
  <section id="about">About</section>
  <section id="work">Work</section>
  <section id="contact">Contact</section>
  <div id="projects">
    <div class="project-tile">
      <a href=# target=_blank></a>


</html> code here

@damien_kr Can you share your codepen link so that i can take a look.

Welcome, damien.

I assume you are talking about one of the Certification Projects. It would be helpful, if you could post the link to your CodePen project.

The more information we have, the more likely you are to get help.

I’m sorry guys first post! Thank you for the quick response here it is,

@damien_kr Hey I tried figuring out the mistake but I couldn’t find it but i have linked my same project down below you can compare as well as fork it.

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Congratulations. You passed.

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Some things to note:

  1. CodePen only expects content you would place within the body tags. Do not have <!DOCTYPE html><html><head>.
  2. If you are wanting to link to any meta information, or stylesheets or_scripts_ you can do so in the settings window of the HTML (Click on the gear icon).
  3. You should complete all of the User Stories in one go, then come back to fix failed tests. Your page is too small to pass User Story 7.

Hope this helps

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Thank you it definitely helps, I wasn’t aware of all these :slight_smile:

I did continue further and step 7 passed when I passed step 10. thank you :slight_smile: Do you also know what happens now with the certification maybe? :slight_smile:

what do you mean with this question? in what sense what happens with the certification?

How do I get that certification? Do I need to do something more from my side?

go to the settings, agree to the academic honesty pledge, claim it

Thank you very much :slight_smile: