Personal portfolio page - any feedback appreciated!

Howdy campers!

Here’s my personal portfolio page:

This is for the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Hi @cakeisaliegaming,

I didn’t do a deep dive or anything, but this looks good. It passes all of the FCC Tests, and looked good on different screen sizes. Nice Job!

-4trio19 :pineapple:

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I think it looks great. Gets basic message across while showing CSS skills.

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Thanks @4trio19 and @sabbyiqbal

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Very nice job on your portfolio @cakeisaliegaming!

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I had to comment since I am an amateur guitarist as well :slight_smile: Overall it looks very nice, just a few suggestions below.

  • On your portfolio page, with a narrower browser width, if I increase the font size the upper right menu starts to exceed the browser width and there is no horizontal scroll bar so I can’t see the items on the right after they fall off the page.
  • Also on your portfolio page, the baby blue font on the black background is fine but it is a little hard to read on the lighter background. I would either darken the blue or the background color.
  • On your survey form, set the height on your inputs using em’s instead of pixels. As I increase the font size the text gets cut off (especially in the select and submit button).
  • Also on the survey form, consider using a fieldset for your radio and checkboxes (for accessibility).
  • On your quote machine, you jump from an h1 to h3. You should never jump more than one level at a time, so make that an h2.
  • On your weather app, I think the smaller red header text is hard to read. I think you need some letter spacing to make it easier. You’ve also got a jump from h1 to h3.
  • Also on the weather app, at bigger text sizes you’ve got some issues with text overlap as you narrow the browser window.

Overall, very nice job.

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Looks good, nice job.

I would increase the min value in the image auto-fit grid to 330px that way you always have a three-column layout to start with. I might also give the images some height to make them a bit more square (as you are using object-fit this won’t cause an issue)

Give the .ficons some bottom margin so when they wrap they do not clump up.

I’d soften the text-shadow a little by using a rgba color and giving it some opacity.

Again, good work!

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Thanks @bbsmooth and @lasjorg for the helpful feedback. I’ll have a look at incorporating your suggestions tomorrow.

hey mate just wondering how are you doing with job?? Are you looking for work or did you manage to find one… Asking because I am learning all these things too and looking forward to getting my feet wet in an entry-level job.

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I saw your projects and this portfolio and loved all of them . All of them are awesome and in every way shows your originality.

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I haven’t been looking for a job, so, unfortunately, I can’t offer any advice.

I quit my editing job just over a year ago to move to Canada with my wife. I’ve been killing time here by very slowly (been enjoying summer too much!) working my way through the FCC curriculum. A little while back I finished the JavaScript section and now I’m learning React (with the help of Scrimba as well as FCC).

Anyway, good luck with finding a job!