Personal Portfolio Page - Feedback welcome!

I just finished my portfolio recently. Any feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:

Very snappy and responsive. I like the originality of the menu and general style of the website, feels like you’ve designed it rather than cloned it from somewhere else.

It definitely seems like you’ve focused on the process of creating the code itself rather than styling the website. Are you trying to make something that looks great or focuses on showing off your coding skills? It seems to be leaning towards the latter at the expense of the former at the moment. How good that is depends on what you are going for.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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oh… this is different.

The first impression i got within 2 seconds was that you are a developer of some kind so got to say… . I think this REALLY suits a developer as a portfolio.

The only issues I found was that the menu items overlap a little on small screen (iphone5 320px - a popular phone). maybe a minimal burger menu might suit for mobile?

also your links oveflow if they’re too long for the screen. you can fix that like so:

a {
	word-wrap: break-word;



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Many thanks for your feedback :smile:
I designed it by myself but I got the idea from some text-focus design through the Internet with focusing on answering 5 most important questions: Who, What, Why, How, and Where :smile:

Because the site is very simple so I don’t want to add more style or any animation. It should run fast, clean and light :wink:

Many thanks for your feedback :smiley:
I didn’t check much on very small screen, but you are right, probaly I need to add a menu or collapse the text a little to fit the screen.

I just fixed the link and the missing text in menu in tablet screen size :smile:
I will try to update soon for the screen like iPhone 5 :smile: