Personal Portfolio Page Issue

So this makes no sense; my personal portfolio is passing every test except the ones that say “there should be at least one element with an id of ‘project-tile’” and “your page should have at least one link to a project”… except that both of those things are there. I had this problem with the technical documentation page as well and the solution ended up being that even though one story said there had to be ‘at least’ five sections, a second story wouldn’t pass because I had included six sections and thus six elements, and it thought there would be 5. Is this the same thing or something else?
P.S. Even though those two didn’t show as passing, since I knew they were there I finished the other stories and submitted the pen on freeCodeCamp, and it accepted it, even though it probably should not have. Someone might want to look at that.

This is my pen so far, with all the stories done (but none of the cool CSS design stuff, I play around with that after the core of it is done).

I’m using Google Chrome

<projects> is not a valid element.

Yep, that was the entire problem. So silly