Personal Portfolio Page - Moved to Github Pages to fix mobile display issue

Please check out my portfolio page and let me know what you think. Here is the link My Portfolio Page

Would love to hear from you what else can be done to improve the experience better. This is at the moment incomplete (maybe 90%) and some of the links and form not working.



Hi, for a long time first portfolio with feeling for graphics for me, you played with it, looks very very good, like that vectors , quality photos , looks like BW pics but hey that hover! and JS ,good choice of fonts made me really happy for that work on graphic

Thanks! I am planning to use this layout for my real portfolio page so I took the time to fine tune the design.


Love the hover photos- I think it looks great!

Thanks ntroiani! I hope to add real projects to the page soon.

Are you to new development? I’m preparing to do my portfolio project and holy crap I am blown away. That was extremely impressive. How long did that take you??

Hey @thai-github unfortunately it doesn’t really work on mobile - I’m using iPhone safari and can only see some of the background image and gets to the portfolio header but shows no more than that :confused:

@vxm007, yes and no. I learned a bit more after completed a course at Udemy recently. However, I started Web Dev maybe 4-5 months ago. This project took me a day on and off to complete (partially). I spent a quite a long time to find good graphics and play with contrast and fonts.


Hey @hollbert,
Thanks for catching that. I found that issue too last night while checking out the page from an Ipad. Not quite sure how to fix this at the moment but will definitely look into this. Please do let me know if you see any other issues. Again thks!

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I think I fixed the issue with displaying my page on a mobile device. Seems like it’s related to Codepen. I moved my page to Github pages and it is working fine now.

I agree that this is a pretty cool design. I really enjoyed the filter feature of the portfolio.

The black and white hover feature was also cool, but I felt a bit jolted going from the more colorful home section to the grey scale of the rest of the site. But that may just be just a personal preference.

For the about me section, you may want to play around with the font. I found the font difficult to read. You may consider a san-serif font of a lighter weight, and perhaps a slightly larger size. You may also want to consider tweaking the color a little.

All in all, this is one of the more interesting portfolios I’ve seen here.

Nice work!

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