Personal portfolio page #navbar position fixed, can't pass the test

Hello everyone!

I am working on Personal Portfolio Page right now and run the test just the check and I am getting this message ‘Failed: Your #navbar element should always be at the top of the viewport.’ over and over again even my #navbar is already in fixed position, top:0; and working perfectly. I tried it with “#” attribute and “class” attribute, deleted my header from HTML even I didn’t use it in CSS. I tried every trick I read on the forum. Same syntax worked for Product Landing Page. I don’t know what’s wrong this time.
As I write here I checked the code from Product Landing Page, and it’s the same syntax. Position: fixed, top: 0; z-index: 1;

Any help will be appreciated. I came so far without asking in the forum, old posts were enough when I needed help. Now, I am really stuck.

I solved it! Could delete the post but wanted to write it for someone would do the same silly mistake :slight_smile: My page didn’t have any color yet and I put background-color for my #navbar, realized little top margin and deleted it. Voila! :joy:
When your page seems working and your syntax looks good yet keep failing for the test… The way freeCodeCamp making the challenges makes me smile sometimes. In a good way… I will never forget this detail again.
Now, I can go to sleep :yawning_face:

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