Personal Portfolio Page - Review and Feedback

Hi all,

I just completed Personal Portfolio Page in Responsive Design part. I was struggling to set a image of my project and i haven’t worked it out yet, so i have used dummy images for showing my projects.
Please provide your valuable feedback so i can improve.

Personal Portfolio Page - Codepen

I have this strange issue. If you are in editor mode then my text effect on welcome section works fine but, as soon as i switch to full page mode that effect stops working. I can’t understand why this is happening. Please help me out here.

Thank You.


I can’t really help with your issue I’m still a beginner but I’ll tell you this why put that you are a ‘‘gamer’’ or a ‘‘nerd’’. That’s useless. Employers don’t care about that and if they do they honestly probably won’t like it.

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I just needed something more to display and since i play games, i added it. It’s up to employer. By the end i will have a lot more and better projects to show, so i am cool with it.
Apart from that, is there any other suggestion.

No but you’we welcome :I.