Personal Portfolio page review

Hello everyone. Please take a moment from your busy schedule, to rate and review my portfolio project. It’s been one I totally enjoyed and still hope to do more on it. Especially with resizing the background images. I would love a solution to that. thank you

Hi Alara!
a few problems,
for some reason your Projects page isn’t letting me scroll, and another thing is I’d change the color scheme, it doesn’t look very appealing from my point of view.
But that’s just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ya the color thing I’m gradually getting better at it, you can pick a theme for me . I used css variables for the color so it would be easy to update

The scrolling I have no idea let me check

Fixed happy scrolling now jugges

That’s :fire: Alara!
btw, make that navigation bar fatter :smile:

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thanks all set now man

Looks way better!
Great job Alara, just work on that color scheme and your pretty much set.

Though I’d probobly take a bit more time to pimp my page with cool animations :relieved:

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YAAAAY I know right Lemme just submit this way and then I would improve on this with time . Swapping out colors and adding nice things like animations like you said Thank you

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