Personal Portfolio - pending review

Hi everyone.

Check out my personal portfolio project:

I’ll be appreciated for any constructional criticism.:face_with_monocle:


Nice! Impressed. Looks way better than what I did but I think the essence of the contact section is to make it easier for people to get in touch and others may prefer other means of communication than the email alone. So for me I will say you can improve that section and add other means of communication if you have them. Just my opinion though but nice work. :smile:

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the scroll-behavior isn’t a correct code

Hmm, didn’t think about it from this point of view.:thinking: I will try to rebuild contact section, thank you.:upside_down_face:

Could you explain why?

yes because codepen io gives an error message. whichs mean it is incorect

It’s strange. I don’t have any errors related to scroll-behavior in codepen. Could you describe in more detail what type of error you have, or attach a screenshot of an error?

sure here u go

I also have a question about your code

2. The welcome section should have an h1 element that contains text.

But when I look at it I see the next
could you explain to me how that works
and why they are so many numbers in the path? i want to know what they do?

      <span class="name-half">
        <span class="name-left">maxim</span>
      <a class="home-logo" href="#">
        <svg id="logo" data-name="logo" xmlns="" viewbox="0 0 297 297">
          <circle cx="148.5" cy="148.5" r="148.5" fill="#141d1f" />
            fill="#f2f2f2" />
      <span class="name-half">
        <span class="name-right">morozov</span>

Ok, text inside h1 heading element (and in other heading elements or other block elements like p element) can be represented as plain text or it can be wrapped for example with generic span container. So in the same fashion other inline elements can be placed inside h1, such as a, img, span, svg

As for path: path is used to define a shape of SVG element, and characters and numbers are commands and coordinates respectively, used to create a shape.
You can read more here:
Actually I haven’t hard-coded SVG element, I drew an image in Illustrator and then export it as .svg.

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Finally I figured out what was the problem with scroll-behavior. There are no any errors. It seems like you are using “Panda” theme for syntax highlighting and it appears to be some bug of this theme and some of others too.
Try to switch your syntax highlighting theme in your codepen settings to something like “Twilight” or “Tomorrow Night” and you’ll see that there are no problems with scroll-behavior highlighting.:wink:

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