Personal Portfolio Project - Looking for feedback!

Hello everyone.I’ve finally finished my portfolio page. This one took a little longer than expected as I was learning Sass at the same time and has some trouble along the way. I’ve solved the issues that I ran into using very… “hacky” ways, so any tips on how the code could be improved are always appreciated :slight_smile:


This is really cool!

I like the dark theme of your portfolio.

In the about section, there are some contact links that link to github, freecodecamp, and codepen. Move them to the contact section and give them a little bit of margin so that they stay a little further from one another.

At everything else, great job.

Keep up the great work!

One thing you need to work on is respoinsivity. Your page isn’t very responsive when viewed on a phone.

To make it better, try using some media queries on the width of your page.

I like the color choices for this, on the banner itself, I would add some right margins on your ‘Lets talk’ button to give some space between it and your icon links, along with adding padding between each of those icons as well to give them more breathing room.

What part of your code did you run into issues that you would like us to examine?

That sounds good, I’ll look into that for sure.

As for the code, at first I had some trouble getting mixins doing what I want them to do and the having the background image cover the entire screen was slightly confusing. Which is strange, because I never ran into that problem before with regular css, but this time I had to add a bunch of vendor prefixes.

I think I got that mostly right in the end, but in general I feel like I started repeating myself in code a whole lot throughout the page, which I believe is one of those things that you’re probably not supposed to do as good practice.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Now that I looked through it again, I can definitely see some issues when approaching around 320px width. Will be fixing that one later.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s great. One notice though, try to make more space between lines and a little bit between letters :heart:

Hey there,

I like the dark UI, great work.

Some ideas:

  • About Me: the text is hard to read, because it is very small, very long and the line spacing is very small
  • Recent Projects: iMHO the boxes would benefit from padding
  • Contact Form: I can send it without my data. If you are not yet into JavaScript, you can add required to the input fields

Have fun!