Personal Portfolio Project_stories #10 and #11

Hey everyone!

After running the tests, I’m stuck within the user’s stories #10 and #11:

Any clue what it’s wrong?


User story #10 is failing because your height for the welcome-section is set in vw units instead of vh units (height: 100vw;). That happens, I did that for my survey form for one of my media queries without even realizing it and it can be a hard one to spot since its literally just one letter.

Regarding user story #11, two things are happening. First, margin-top: 0; under #navbar should instead be top: 0;. Second, and I can’t quite explain why this is happening (and might be a question for someone with a better understanding than I do) but the test won’t satisify when the navbar id is assigned to the <ul>. However, the workaround is simple, and that is to put the id="navbar" attribute in the opening nav tag just above the <ul>

thanks @airathalis…problems solved!