[Personal Portfolio Project]

Here’s the link to my personal portfolio project, it takes a lot of work and time please have a look and give your feedback. Thanks!(https://codepen.io/ADITYA-RAGHU/full/PoZvMZY)


Great color scheme and beautiful fonts except in the work -area.
The colors and fonts work very well when you’ve got lots of empty space, in the contact, home and footer sections. But in your work section, the contrast between black red and yellow combined with those fun fonts and the images… It really is too much. You’re using a grid for the work section which is an excellent choice with a gap between the images, but the background of the images blends with the background color of the gaps and again, the impression is so busy and crowded. I don’t know, work with a border, round the edges of the black p-tags, play with a shadow maybe, I’d give them more definition and not use so much yellow in the in process image.
Nice hover effects, elegant.
All in all, a very good page, you’re using variables for your colors and flexbox and grid. You know what you’re doing.


Thankyou so much for your review . As per your suggestion about work section I will definitely look into it, and try to change the colors to match the background properly.

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