Personal Portfolio Skeleton

Requesting Feedback.

You can click on the little sticky note things to move them to the far left column.

Personal Portfolio Project CodePen

GitHub Page Portfolio version slight difference

“Trippy” is what comes to my mind. To avoid “trippyness” maybe you could animate when you click on navbar stickers. That would be far cooler :smiley:

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They move to the left to focus when you click on them. Do you mean have the stickers stay on the left.

Or do you mean have the colored stickers stay on left and put a scrollTo onlick function on the white placeholder project thumbnails to scroll to the corresponding clear project placeholder pic and text

You could use animate in Jquery when you click, instead stickers just teleporting when you click. Other than that it’s all good.

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Thanks, I’m just delving back into jqeury. Last I was exposed to it was when I did the jquery challenges almost year ago.

I’m starting to see how powerful it is working on this random quote generator and other tutorials ivw been working on.

Can’t wait to reactor the more I learn.