Personal Portfolio -Two identical links one works one doesn't

I’m working on a personal portfolio. Just simple to start and then I will build it out.
For some reason my links to my tribute page and survey form don’t work but the other links to my product landing page and technical documentation page do work. The same identical links at the bottom of the page, to my tribute page and survey form work fine. Can You help me figure this out? I think I’ve been staring at this too long.
Thank You.

Take a closer look at the style for welcome-section.

The welcome-section element is on top of the links (depending on the screen width more of them are covered). If you remove the height on the #navbar #welcome-section selector you can see what I mean.

You may also want to give the section a background color or border so you can see where it is in relation to other elements on the page.

Thanks that was it but on the challenge it says the height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport. On the failed test report it said it expected it to be 474 so I changed the height to that and it passed but it made my page operate strangely. Is there a better way to accomplish this?

For viewport width and height you can use the vw and vh units.

Thanks That helped a lot.