Personal Portfolio Webpage - Adrian Judea

Hello, i just finish my personal portfolio webpage, please let me know what you think about it.

Personal Portfolio Webpage

Thank you!

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Hi @colinmackinnon, i appreciate your feedback, please let me know what font do you have in mind.

I honestly wouldn’t worry about the font Adrian. It looks OK to me. In these very early stages it’s very easy to get hung up on small details at the expense of time spent learning.

I made that mistake early on, tweaking and finessing to the nth degree and probably wasted 6+ hours on fonts and colours just on the landing page alone.

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You need to work on responsivness. Browsing from my phone I have to slide to the right to see all content. Also the links in the bottom has the text collapsed.

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I like it!
But i have to agree with @Ronnehag, you need to work on responsiveness.
What i did notice was that your start screen “picture” doesn’t cover the full page, or did you do this on purpose?

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It looks pretty good. I notice the font beneath your portrait “A web developer…” is a different font. I’d leave it the same font as all the other text. As for the main font you’re using, to me it looks good in some places (the light blue, larger text) but bad in others (the smaller, green text looks weak / not obvious that it’s a link). Maybe it would look better to me if all that text was the same color.

When I make the window very small, the navigation items overlap the navigation hamburger button.

Also when I make the window very small, square borders appear around the social media links at the bottom of the page.

Also hovering over nav links causes other links to shift position.

Looks pretty good. One small thing: when I navigated to ‘all projects’ you have a line which reads: “I am an enthusiast and passionate self taught programmer. I hope to get a job to”. I think that should be ‘too’ on the end.

I guess I am being pedantic but looks like you might use it for a job interview.

Hello @Ascii, thank you very much for your feedback, your opinion is much appreciated, i know what you mean.
I spend a lot of time trying perfection but in the end i realize what you mentioned.
Thank you!

Hi @Ronnehag, i will look into it. I appreciate your input very much, thank you!

Hello ,

@enjoymrban, thank you very much for your feedback, regarding the question i am sorry but i don’t fully understand what you mean.
@MatthewDorner, thank you very much, i will check all the issues you mentioned. I appreciate!
@greigsteve, thank you for your observations, they are very helpful and i appreciate your feedback, thank you for the ‘too’ correction. I appreciate!

Thank you all for looking into my project, all your opinions, advice’s, corrections help me to improve my project!
I am grateful to each one of you!