Personal Portfolio Webpage - Any hints and tips?

Hi Campers!

I’ve pretty much ended my portfolio webpage.

I’m a newbie and it took me awhile; I started studying web development just few months ago and this had been my first sligthly complex project.
After having repeatedly beaten my head on the monitor to get the best from the site with the little knowledge I have so far, I’d like to receive some opinions from other insiders. I’m so sorry for the messy code, and undoubtedly I will clean it up, but for the moment I need to take some more step on the FCC mountain and when I will have a wider vision (and your constructive critics!) I will come back to improve it. (I don’t know anything about backend, so no form will work).
I tried to upload it on gthub pages but I can’t make it work properly (it seemed to have some problem with ‘mixed active contents’).

Have a nice journey on FCC. See you soon!

Looks nice :slight_smile:

The ‘mixed content’ warning relates to mixing resources from HTTP and HTTPS. Github pages is HTTPS, so my guess is that they want you to point to secure resources. For image assets and the like, you can host them in your own repo. For Scripts and CSS resources, CDNs will have HTTPS links, most likely.

Thanks a lot! I had tried to brutally change all http links into https but it didn’t worked. I will try to fix that in the future.