Personal Portfolio Webpage DONE!

It took me over a week to finish the last basic front-end dev challenge since I wanted to update my actual web portfolio. =p

Please give me any UI/UX feedback (e.g. it feels wonky or it’s not intuitive) as I will be updating it and using it as a personal/professional showcase~

Cheers and thanks for looking!

Actual Site:


Cool page :smiley:

It doesn’t fulfill the first user story :slight_frown:

I can access all of the portfolio webpage’s content just by scrolling.

I was about to point out that you need a navbar and links to social media pages, but I accidentally clicked the page and they appeared. I don’t think many people will figure out they’re there. Maybe make them visible by default?

You’re right @kevcomedia , it completely fails at the scrolling user story (unless swiping can be considered scrolling, hahaha). I’ll have to think more about how to include that if I want to keep this style…

Thanks for the input about the navbars. I tried to include a “click me” text that appears under the hand pointer to give the user some help about how to use the site but I guess it’s not good enough. I’ll try and make something more intuitive or make it more noticeable… I wanted the page to be extremely simplistic and hide the navbars unless absolutely necessary but if I get enough complaints about it maybe I will just make them visible by default. Thanks again for the input. :))