Personal Portfolio Webpage - Feedback

Hello everybody!
I finished my Personal Portfolio Webpage and would like some feedbacks.
CodePen []

Thanks a lot. :grinning:

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In contact section because of hover effect or what there height might be changing or what is it seems little issue there overall it looks good
Happy Coding man

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really nice, but a few suggestions to make it better:

  1. add an english/spanish button to toggle between the two languages.
  2. maybe lighten the background a bit, of add a glow around all of the yellow text and boxes.
  3. that’s pretty much all.
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It’s it nice and I will suggest some feedback.

The black and yellow color scheme is not very good. try modern colors like light grays, whites and maybe few other subtle colors.

The icons at the bottom are too big.

Add more sections including more information about yourself. Here is my portfolio page:

I have a section for my website, skill sets, contact, certifications y projects. You can see how I intergrated it in a clean way.

Use CSS transitions for your portfolio w/ the border.

Also, your portfolio pens open inside of your Codepen. Try adding target="_blank" to your a tag.

Check out my notes below, and click on the “Inspiration” link.


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