Personal Portfolio Webpage T341

Hello, fellow campers! I just submitted my project and would love to get some feedback. Also, I fulfilled all of the user requirements but, there are some issues with mobile responsiveness. Basically, some elements seem to crossover into other sections on mobile screens…

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link Portfolio Project

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Remove the fixed height property from the #about and #projects css selectors. The fixed height was causing the sections to crossover into the other sections on smaller screens. Also, I would make the font-size of your h1 element smaller with font-size: 4em; Lastly, I would recommend making the left margin of the h1 element a percentage such as 5%. This will keep the h1 element on the screen for smaller screen sizes.

@RandellDawson Thanks for the feedback. I"ll try out your suggestions once I get home from work.