Personal Portfolio Webpage — Thank you for Feedback!

I’ll be happy any feedback.
I have some trouble with pictures on mobile phones. It doesn’t want to work correctly.

Please check your work. Make sure that elements appear in the correct order and don’t stagger the closing tags. If your images loaded properly you would have noticed they cross out of their section and into others. Use a validator tool.There are:

Empty anchor elements with name attributes which is invalid on the anchor element.

Put the landmark elements in the correct order in your HTML you do this:


making nav appear in the correct place with CSS position, but nav is always outside of main and normally before it in source code order.

Each id must be unique. You use them like classes so use class instead.

Inline elements, like text and images, belong in anchor elements not block elements, like headings.

Thank you for advices!
I don’t know why but today pictures are successfully displayed. (yesterday there was an alt text instead of them) but at the same time the last picture blocked the footer. I have quickly fixed this problem. Reason of this was height: 1vh at parent’s div. On mobile phones the pictures required more space than 1vh. Thanks again for feedback I really appreciate it.

Yeah, I think the image host was too slow for codepen yesterday. I just cached them independently then they displayed ok.

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