Personal portfolio webpage

Hello everyone!
Hope your day is going well.
I just completed the personal portfolio webpage project on Responsive Web Design and would appreciate your feedback.
Your feedback will help me improve my web development skills and enhance my portfolio.
This is the codepen link:
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights.

Its looking good. This can be a good project to add on to as you learn more. Something I noticed straight away is the img is too small. I would make it bigger because it leaves you with a lot of empty space


Increase the z-index of the menu so that it is always on top,
At the moment the images cover the menu when scrolling up.

Also try to work with more contrasts, like a lighter, maybe even white,
background. That lipstick color is too dominating and not very pleasant to look at on its own.

Its looking really good. maybe try and enlarge your image to fill the screen more and if the category icon changes when clicked on it can help users see which category they currently are on. Also the background color is amazing but you should lighten some of the pinks, I love the clean look, so well done!

Thank you very much @Cody_Biggs. I would update it more.

Thank you Daniel,
I appreciate your feedback and would incorporate the necessary corrections.

Thank you @anon86258595 for taking the time to review this for me. I am really grateful and would update the project.

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