Personal Portfolio Website - Feedback Needed

Just finished making a personal portfolio, any feedback is more than welcome, thank you.

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Hey Miloš, just a few things that caught my attention right away:

  • I am not able to ‘click’ on the ‘X’ icon of your menu bar using the keyboard only. That icon needs to be wrapped in a <button>.
  • I cannot see the keyboard focus indicator on that menu bar either, use the CSS outline property to make it more prominent.
  • When I manually make the text size bigger the menu bar items start to disappear off the right side of the menu.
  • You have an <h1> tag showing on the background of your main page but you don’t actually have an <h1> tag in your HTML. You should always have an h1.
  • On your contact page you don’t have any <label>s for your inputs.
  • All of those social media links need to have text associated with them. You can visually hide the text if you like.
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Thank you for great feedback. First 2 points you said, i will try doing, I honestly havent done anything like you said on any navbar ever before, so im really curious in how that is gonna show. For the bigger text, It’s messing up because i have animation that pushes them to the right once the menu is closed so I’m guessing that’s why. That h1 point I even fooled myself haha, that’s a mistake being h2, I didn’t even see it lmao. And for last 2 i completly agree aswell, was just trying to go with simple look there, but yeah labels are much more important instead of placeholders so I agree with that aswell. Thank you again for nice feedback, I’ll make sure to fix everything.

Hi, your portfolio is very good, I really like its colours and the animation in the Home page. Only two things bothered me:

  • I missed some hover interactivity in the navbar
  • In the projects section, since I can’t scroll the page, I can only see two clickable projects and two cropped images
    Besides it, it’s really good and I enjoyed it very much :smiley:
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Yeah, I had no intensions of adding hover to the nav, but that’s a good suggestion, I will consider it :smiley: Also for the projects, i guess the way I made it is not telling users how to use it easily. I left the 2 pictures at the bottom showing a bit just to let user know its scrollable. I have the scroll there, its just hidden, but you can scroll them, and thats why i decided to leave 3 pictures at the bottom showing a bit, to let people know there are more projects and you can scroll. Thank you so much for the nice review :smiley:

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