Personal Portfolio Website Feedback [Redone!]

I have just redesigned and remade my portfolio which you can view at: Any tips and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Looks good :slight_smile: Except some parts:

Portfolio card:

  • I think you should increase title visibility and maybe change highlight for other critical elements.
  • Set minimum height, because now cards in different size. (desktop resolution)


  • Placeholder text should be more specific?

Also you should think more about mobile design:
Portfolio card:

  • Control images aspect ratios

Language section:

  • Cards should be more specific for different resolutions (More or less cards for each resolution)

Thanks @pastuh for the feedback! I’ll work some of those improvements into the page.

Overall looks nice! Congrats!

Especially liked first section. Neat and clean! :slight_smile:

One thing that definitely need to be fixed is change “HTML” skill image to this.

I’d probably add some bottom margin for all cards (if you want to make it look nice on mobile as well). Also it would be really nice I think if on click “arrow down” it would slide down instead of jump. One more thing is height for all cards. They’ll look much nicer if they’ll have same height. You can achieve it with changing copy (like it should be some certain limit of characters) or with JS function. Can share what I have if you want :wink:

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. And congrats again! :slight_smile:

P. S. I’d probably also make all border-radius same size. It’ll look more esthetic.

The Wikipedia Viewer doesn’t work when I click on Wiki Search.

@Mishaboo thanks a lot will try and incorporate these things into it! Also the arrow down button, how do I do this transition, I couldn’t really find a nice way of doing this?

@PaoloDiBello It doesn’t work with an empty string but when I give it some input it does work. I just got it to give me some results?

Check this and this :wink:

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I must be hella stupid, I am so sorry.

@PaoloDiBello no worries, i appreciate you looking through my portfolio. Means a lot!

Looks real nice man!

One thing I don’t really like is the “What I can do for You” icons, but i think that’s a personal preference because everybody does it…
The projects are very good, but maybe you can give em more style as they look very basic and old fashioned.
But I liked the design of the Portfolio in general.
Btw man, can you please feedback mine? Cause I didn’t had any opinions in my post, only just 1 and he was using an iphone which gave him some troubles and I want to confirm if it was only him or is a general problem.

Serber’s Portfolio


Hi @serber1990 ,
I’m sorry this took so long to look at. I looked at it again today, and I have a couple of suggestions. Your website seems to be in Spanish or a non english language and then your portfolio in is english. Decide which you want to pitch to or make it possible to change languages. Also I noticed a couple of off things.

  • Knowleadge: -> Is spelt wrongly. Knowledge is the correct spelling.
  • Also in your database section of your knowledge section -> phpmyadmin is not a database but a database tool more like, rather than a database.

Also I would suggest taking all your projects off codepen and onto your own site. It makes it look more professional and gives you a bit more experience in server side programming and setting it up properly.

I had a look at a couple of your side projects and I really liked them. They looked clean and responsive. However your portfolio to me looks a bit garish. But if that’s what you’re into it looks fine!



Thank you very much for your feedback @Mortuie , very complete.

My business webpage is in Spanish because I live in Spain and I want to reach local customers. My portfolio is just a project made for FCC but It’s a good idea to add my personal portfolio to my business webpage.

I will change those grammatical errors that I have, it’s mostly because I’ve learned English by myself so I have some errors time to time.
Thank you very much for taking the time to watch it man! :wink: