Personal portfolio website. Needs feedback


Mi portfolio website (link)

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


The actual website looks pretty great. Its kinda plain, but that isnt a bad thing necessarily since it is a more professional application. I’d fill out your socials and try to link ones you actually use rather than just linking blank accounts but I understand why you would do that for now. The links to demonstrations is a good feature and I like the use of colored buttons to bring attention to them. I also like the first part of the page where the text sort of makes a pyramid shape, but stick to one greeting rather than having “Hi” directly above “Welcome” at the very beginning.

Thank you very much @Zie62.

Do you have any idea of how should I tackle the filling of my socials accounts?

I put them to have different communication channels available. But mostly I don’t use social media for privacy concerns. Maybe I should have more online presence if I want more exposure to the job market.

Very nice. I respect this website. You did a great job and it was very interactive.

I mean if you dont use it you dont need one honestly, just say you don’t have/use certain socials when they ask. It can help you be more out there but normal social media like twitter or facebook probably wont do that - you’re looking more for like a linkedin if you’re job hunting.

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Thanks, it is a never ending work