Personal portfolio website - Photography

Hi all,

Here is my attempt to build a personal portfolio webpage (in French).

Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

This is actually some photograph I’ve taken.

I tried to make it responsive without bootstrap.

Still to do :

  • Complete it (e.g. replace the “lorem ipsum” part)
  • Make an actual slideshow with the gallery section by clicking on the pictures
  • Enhance design
  • Enable the form

Thank you,


I think you did a great job at your first attempt!

It is definitely responsive, but I noticed as I shrunk the screen size (from right to left), before the mobile menu shows, the Contact link and the social media icons wrap around first. I suggest modifying the applicable media query, so the mobile menu shows before the Contact link and social media icons start wrapping around.

Well Seen!

This is corrected!

Thanks :slight_smile: