Personal Portfolio Website Review

I recently deployed my portfolio website, and I would like to know your opinions. I would be glad to get some tips on how to improve it. You can check it here: Thank you.


It looks good and I really like the dark mode toggle. Your images for each project though are much bigger than the text and buttons that are next to it. Also, you have a huge margin of empty space at the bottom. Why not add a footer there?

Your email link opened outlook which I never use. Do you have an email associated with your domain? I was just getting ready to post something about the code needed to submit a form to my website email. I think it requires PHP, but I’m not sure.

Your find a charity project looks good. On your recipe project, you have a dark gray background over sections of the recipe when you hover. I don’t see the need for that in helping someone looking for recipes. Or make it a light gray with a transition.

But overall it looks good. I just finished a single-page app that I will use as one of my portfolio items. I’m in the process of creating the main portfolio page now. Then I’ll start on my next project.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will draw on it to make an update as soon as possible. I didn’t set up an associated email yet, but I’m planning to do it. My website is on AWS, so I’ll use Amazon Simple Email Service to handle e-mail submission.

It would be nice to see your portfolio website when deployed.

I hope to have that section added to my site in less than a week but I’ll only have one project/app to show. As soon as it’s up I’ll start on app #2.

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Hello Nazif ,
You have done a great job!
Adding a contact form and some references (if you have) will be a plus.

Courage :ok_hand:

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Thank you very much. I’ll add the form soon.

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