Personal Portfolio, What do you think?


What do you think of my portfolio? The code for the portfolio part in which there’s a different color for every portfolio is a bit redundant and IMO would be hard to update in the future, do you recommend to just stick to 1 color or?

If you’re a front end web developer, what would you say about this portfolio?

Live demo:

Fork/Star on github:

I hope it can help motivate people and get some ideas in making their own portfolio sites. Thanks.

I really like it! Maybe are too many animations in things that dont really need it, like the skills. But it’s my personal opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the colors and the blue-red gradient, and everything in general. Maybe use one color per theme in the portfolio part.

It shows that it was done with love :heart:

Great work! Congrats :clap:

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replace all raster icons with vector ones

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Thanks, I’ll try to do that.

I did it manually before until I found a better version of the gradient in this site

Thanks, those are really good icons, I think I compressed the images too much to lessen memory space.

You’re welcome.
SVG is much better than any raster format especially from performance/appearance perspective.
Compare (on the example of the icon, link to which I mentioned in my previous comment): 2kb svg VS 12kb png(512px - so that it looks smooth on both small and large screens).
You can try to push the difference even further by trying to optimize SVGs, for example with svgo.