Personal Portfolio. Your opinion is very important!

I received my first certificate :joy: and would like to know your opinion on my final project of this stage.



Very good bro :smiley: althought I would work on making more sections.

How did you make the bubbles ? :open_mouth:

And also where’d you get the materiel? (like background image of the header for example :D)?

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Amazing idea, great stuff.

You probably can throw in more colors to your palette, perhaps could change something in the project section. everything is same color. you can play with hue and sat.

I love your submit button!
but I don’t like the form, I see that you did it on purpose, the alignment thing - but I think you better off thinking of another creative idea or sticking with the “correct method”.

I hope I’ve been helpful! :slight_smile:


Hi, @Tech!

Absolutely agree with you in the future I will add at least one more section

I found the bubbles in the codepen and added a few changes.

I took the background image here (It is also useful to resize and compress the image. There are many websites for this.)

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Thank you @borispov for your recommendations.

I added some colors to the projects section.

Can you write more about what you don’t like? My alignment methods? :grimacing:
If so, is absolute label positioning or paddings?
Or design too?

Thanks man! Don’t hesitate to search different portfolio to get inspiration and have A COMPLETE portfolio that you can utilize in your career.

I mean the design mainly, I didn’t check the CSS alignment method.
Now that I’ve checked, I’d put the labels left on 0 so it’s aligned with the input below.