Personal Portfolio~

Nice! I really like your simple color scheme.

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Keep up the good work! You’re talented. I really like how you portfolio give that the modern feeling, however, I think it will be even better if you use different color on each section so that one will know that they are in a different section of the page. Other than that, amazing work, way better than mine. I am new to coding after all. :slight_smile: By the way I am also from Indonesia, but I am from Jakarta.

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it was mostly because i’m giving up playing with pastel color(sounds silly, i know), so i decided to keep it minimal as zen, give white space a try. haha. thank you man! :grin:

**sorry my english is not good.

Hello fellow Indonesian :rofl:
dude, I really appreciate your feedback. i’m still new too btw, it took me a lot of time, like…a looot of “research” on codepen, stack overflow etc etc and i even need to learn to betray myself and everything i value in order to overcoming my impostor syndrome.
i wish for you the best of luck, keep coding and stay motivated comrade! :grin:

Same there!!! I hope the best for you.:grinning::sunglasses:

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Dude can you check out my My Personal Portfolio Webpage: Feedback Please! and tell me what you think about it :wink: .

I think this looks really good. I would probably do something with the header though. Maybe give it a background color? Maybe a pattern background? Something to separate that as the header. I’m digging the amount of white you have though. Bravo Sir. :call_me_hand:t5:

Hi! i was born and i’m not sure why :laughing: …I have a passion for understanding things at a fundamental level,

I’m not sure why I found this funny, but I did.

Nice work!


Thank you kind sir ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I’ve been thinking about adding a simple background color for the first two section, so I decided to make some rework on that. actually, not so diffrent. but a little bit better than just plain white background :grin:

Hehahaha :rofl::sweat_smile:
Thank you sir :ok_hand:

Well a cat in a plastic bag would not fly on a real portfolio… The other pictures would be great if they went somewhere. How about this… I can help you with your portfolio, and you can help me with my website? I can show you my portfolio which has people calling me all the time! I have been programming for 3 years, done tech support for 5 years, and love doing this stuff!

I really like the fact that is minimalistic, I think you can improve the responsiveness of your navigation bar.
Can you post some of the resources you look up to make your portfolio? I’m right now in this challenge but I’m feeling lost and don’t know how to start.

Same there!!! I hope the best for you.:grinning::sunglasses:

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Like the simplicity, maybe you should make this first section a bit more filled, add background photo or a pattern…

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I like the elegant design. Cool! When I click the cats the page snaps up to the top, you may want to fix that.

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thanks @merko30 will do :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:

yeah, I’ve been thinking about adding Simple Lightbox popup for the showcase gallery. I really appreciate your feedback, Thank you sir @jwolfjim

hi daniel, sorry for the delayed response. hehe, I think i should too, it’s not really going well with the mobile view anyway, and it’s to damn simple (lack of background color, border, etc etc…)
of course, here is my resources;

the rest is i just try to figure out how other great campers make their own portfolio on codepen. that’s it, that’s how i get it done, really. Hang in there, you can do it. keep coding dude ((:


Thanks for answering and thank you for your encouraging words :slight_smile: