Personal Portofolio - help, help, help?

Hello, im doing a project -


  1. How do i seperate everything from each other, i dont want to element float over an element?
  2. How do i set text to be next to picture?
  3. Tell me everything that i need to fix, and how, it will mean alot

I want to my page look exact the same as -

Thanks for feedback, cheers

If you do that you are infringing on his intellectual property rights unless he has,
A) open source licensed the design
B) given you permission

I’d recommend taking a look at your CSS and seeing how you could re-arrange everything, have you considered using bootstrap’s responsive images to do this?

Take a look at your CSS and align the text with it.

First, this is a project, im not copying his blog… Im doing for exercise.

Second, you havent helped me with anything…

read this