Personal Practice Project(In Progress)

Working on recreating layouts from w3schools by just looking at them so I can really get the hang of CSS. Here’s what I got so far.

So the work you did looks awesome. However there is many thing that can be improved to match the template. For example you could have added

nav  ul :hover{

you can add this code in to get a change in background whenever you go over the menu.
there are some other stuff that you could do. you can go here :

I don’t know if the link works or not if it works you will see mostly your work i just changed like 2 or 3 line. there is other things that could have been changed to make it more responsive. But i didn’t look through your whole code since i have like 4 test tomorrow.
Again the code you have is also really good :slight_smile: .
I was just giving my opinion. I can look through the whole thing tomorrow in you need any more help.

Thanks project is still a work in progress that was just what I got up to yesterday and was pretty proud of it so I figured I’d post it.

Did you right click save photo as to get the same pictures?

I just right clicked, copied image address.