Personal Project 1.5

5/6 Complete

This is my fifth project personal project: 5/6

This was my reference: Image

This project took 7 Days
Here’s the main page: Illdy
Source Code

I want to improve on my ability to create semantic, organised CSS as well as efficient HTML.
Looking forward to your thoughts!

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All media queries have been created and addtional changes have been made.


professional as always. Best give the nav a background blur for better readability in your own project. If this is the design you are handed to, code and let the company deal with it later, not your problem :wink:.

Here’s an interesting channel for you for inspiration:

In case all the cooperate design gets too boring and you are looking for a front end challenge.

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Thanks for the channel recomendation! I’ll be sure to check it out, cheers!

Your fifth project is looking great. I don’t have any suggestions. It’s better than the fourth.

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