Personal Project 2.0

Hello (freecodecamp) World,

I wanted to practice my beginner HTML and CSS skills/knowledge by building this simple mock up of the Google home page. This project took me approximately 2 days to complete.

A few days after completing it I decided to add a bit of depth to the project. So I decided to include more pages within the Home page itself, the end goal is to have a Tribute Page (About tab), a Product Landing Page (Store Tab), and a Survey Form all within the actual Home page itself.

Here is the link to the page
*So far the newest addition to the project has been the Tribute Page upon clicking the About tap.

Hope you guys like it!

It looks really good. I could almost be fooled that it’s the real deal (I compared them). I have two suggestions. The first would be to make your about page thematically fit the homepage because right now they appear to be from different sites. The other one–and it’s completely personal preference–is to give your buttons a bit of padding on the side. They look kinda squished and need a bit of breathing room. Again, fantastic job on the home page. :+1:

I also just finished up the Product Landing Page on the Store tab!
Feel free to let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

And also, thanks so much for the great suggestions and for taking the time to check out the project, really appricete it!!

It’s looking pretty sharp. One suggestions is to give each textbox a background color to give it contrast from the backdrop and make it pop.

What an elegant copy!
great job

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