Personal Project Portfolio Website for Freelance Web Developer - UPDATED

I want this website to look more professional. I designed it to be mobile first and responsive.

What can I do to make this website look better/function better?

Do not be afraid to be harsh!

The more detailed and descriptive the response the better.
Please try to use words other than good/bad/nice.

Which browser are you using to view my website? (I know in Edge browser it looks weird).

Do you have any examples of how you think it should look?

P. S. Turn on your sound.



It’s cool and clean. I really like the red/white color matching design :wink:

You’ve pointed out Edge displays weird for your page.
Yes, this is really a problem. I recommend your portfolio should at least support major browsers Chrome, Firefox; and 2 platform native browsers, Edge and Safari

Further comments:

  1. The font of the content does not match with the style of the headings.
  2. Perhaps adding a title of “Projects” or “Showcases” before the list of projects will be more informative.
  3. The color of the links within the projects are not contrastive to the dark background, especially for the hovering color.
  4. The final contact email should better be clickable using <a href="mailto:xxxx@xxxx">

Good luck!


Thanks a lot I appreciate the advice.
The problem is that Edge does not support ‘clip-path’. I can get the same effect with the diagonal line with linear-gradient but it leaves a jagged edge.
I will take your advice and make the changes you suggested to improve the website.


I like the overall design of the site. It looks great in mobile. I’m just confused about the arrow icon on the beginning. Is it just there for looks? Because it looks like something that should be clickable. Also I don’t think you need the bullet points for your list. But good job!! It really looks great


Thank you for taking time to view my website. The arrow is to let people know that they need to scroll downward to view the rest of the page.

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Just want to say I love your salad generator. Makes me laugh for some reason, in a good way!


@br3ntor Thank you. I made that so when people get tired of eating the same meals they can create a random recipe using healthy ingredients. The recipe can be downloaded via PDF so they have a list of the ingredients they need to pick up from the store. It creates a simple recipe of three ingredients but you can add three more to get extra flavor/nutritional value.

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I echo this as well as adding a title of some sort for the projects section.

No menu bar?

I’ve been trying to get an overlay similar to yours on my projects but when I hover my buttons on the project tile disappears lol.
Also maybe lighten the opacity of the overlay- that may help with the contrasting color too.


@Ducky Thank you. These are valuable tips. I will make the changes necessary to improve the look of the website.

No menu bar because it is a single page. You only have to scroll downwards. Is the menu bar necessary? What do you think?

Look at my code and you can copy the way I did it to get a similar overlay.

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Thank you… I figured it out on my own how to have the buttons show- your set up with the links on your page was what inspired me :).

As for nav bars… I don’t know…I don’t think it’s a ‘mandatory’ kind of thing- I guess it’s there more for convenience but I had to wonder too especially if as you said- it’s a single page (mine is kind of short too). :thinking:


I have just updated the website after listening to the suggestions.
What do you think???

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Wow! that is the best project you have ever done before!! now that is amazing!!
A little too much of red and white in your backgrounds. maybe a geometric background or gradient?
All else to say is “AMAZING!”

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