Personal project product landing page

Hi have a look at my product landing page ^^. This is more of a personal project to practice css grid and flex :>

Feedbacks is much appreciated :smiley:

Looks pretty good! I like the animations going. I would

reduce the overall paddings in “how it works” area.
Also price plan cards too big as well.

Cheers :slight_smile:

What did you use for the parallax effect,js or css,and for the animations

I didn’t use any parallax effect, for scrolling effect I used zenscroll, as for animation I use wow.js (which uses animate.css that has an animation effect on a scroll.

where did you learn wow.js,and so I want to learn

wow.js is a 3rd party library, you simply attach the class to the elements that you want for animation effects. Read the doc for more details in the link

Ok ,I just have one question,I made a codepen pen for a CSS challenge to make a ball swirl
I am not able to make a perrfec swirl,

by swirl do you mean spin? have you tried the rotate property?
see this,and tell me,I am confused,your help would be great.

its just playing with the keyframe px values for each dot , to get the desired result. You can actually just use chrome developer tools to see how to get the swirl effects . + u mistaken me for being good at animation , i used a library where animations is already precoded and i attach to my work.

Its not working for me anyway