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I recently finished up my vanilla JavaScript certificate here on freeCodeCamp and before moving on to front end libraries cert I wanted to do a personal project so, I made a weather app. I know… super original, but I would love some feedback on it.

also the url is still just the one netlify gave the site.

Hello @Mholt193 , your projects looks good to me.
1.I think you can improve the accessibility of the site.
2. Although your page is “ok” on mobile devices, it can be improved.
One additional tip, you can add a Celsius conversion.
Hope this helps.
Congratulations for your project.

Nice job @Mholt193.

I’m attaching a couple of screenshots. Just slight changes needed.
The overall stats are sometimes hard to see depending on the background. A bit of an increase in opacity should fix it.

The quote could use a little padding on the side to the text doesn’t butt right up against it.

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 11.42.32

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 11.43.07

thank you for the feedback. changes have been pushed.

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thank you for the feedback. I will be implementing the Celsius switch. I also think I may have fixed the issues with the mobile view if the issues you were talking about were the hi/lo temp spill over on forecast tiles and also fixed the background zooming out when searching a new location. as for the accessibility issues other than the opacity issue that was pointed out by Roma I’m not sure what else to fix there.

The changes look good

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