Personal Project!

Another personal project completed with what I’ve learned so far at Free Code Camp! It’s a cheeky one, check it out and give me your feedback on the design and concept fellow campers! ps, the site is 90% complete I’m waiting on the actual cookbook before I populate it.


It looks really nice. Did you use a library to build this??
Did you take inspiration from some design online or was it all your own??

Anyways, nice site. Keep it up.

The site is beautiful! Keep up the great work!

The design I hacked together using a few different templates. In terms of libraries some customized js = “flexi slider”.modenizer :slight_smile: , icomoon and fontawesome for the icons, bootstrap, and sass.

I love this! Wish I had it 10 years ago!

Wish I had this in college!

How much time did you spend on this project?

really nice look … until i saw the kebab video :slight_smile: