Personal Roadmap: ST, LT. Beginner

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ST = Short-Term; LT = Long-Term

I am transitioning to CS from a degree in an entirely different field. I am interested in nurturing creativity and improving upon various other skills which hopefully will lead to employment in the area.

I have been taking the CS50 Introductory Course by Harvard for the past 5-6 weeks and will be finishing week 2 at the end of this week (hopefully).

I have set a deadline to finish the CS50 course by the 14th of December but I believe this may be too optimistic as the problem sets and tasks take me a long time to complete.

Currently, I am deliberating the most effective course of action: complete the CS50 Course, or start on a roadmap and follow an in-depth curriculum this way. It does feel as though I’m starting to chip away at the curriculum set in CS50 - not without the frequent imposter syndrome.

I would be happy for others to reflect upon their own journeys and if they have had experience with both CS50 and other resources as a total beginner. I am not a noob when it comes to computers; solely programming and coding. I am not afraid of a challenge and am currently applying at least 1 hour a day to coding; on my days off from work - numerous.