Personal Site Feedback?

Hi, everyone!

I finally got around to finishing my parallax site! I would really appreciate any and all feedback that I can get. Thank you!

Parallax Site

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I think it looks great - I really like the seamless scrolling, and the ability to jump directly to a section. I’m impressed (I’m a mobile developer myself, starting to learn web development)

One suggestion would be consider a different image for the About Me background, as the current one came out a bit pixelated on my browser (using Chrome on a MacBook)

  • github link isn’t working, maybe it’s missing the following in your element:


Thanks! I’ll go ahead and update that as soon as I can. It’s great to get an opinion from someone who has mobile experience, seeing as I’m just starting out. I tried to make it as mobile-responsive as possible, let me know if you have any more suggestions!

I would advise shortening the height of each section, they take up too much blank space with no information to the user. Your contact section, for example, the coffee mug has precedence over your contact information. Same for “my projects” and “home” section.
The images should enhance your content, not the other way around. Also, high resolution images are cumbersome in mobiles, the smaller the image file the better it is for you.

Try to think on what purpose this website serves, what is it that you’re trying to tell the user. When you visit a random website, what is your instinct? Would you read your page if it wasn’t yours?
Answering these questions by yourself and looking for examples of design you already appreciate is one of the best ways to get fast feedback.

Thank you for the advice! I’ll try to keep it in mind as I work through the rest of the FCC projects.