Personal Tribute Page

I have a few questions about my personal tribute page.

1.) Please give me general advice on the design. I don’t care so much about the content, I want to improve the design.

2.) I am beginning to hate divs because I cannot get my Nelson Mandela image to fit nicely within the div element with the gray background. Help please!

Here is the link to my Nelson Mandela tribute page!

Hi Atalero!

You can center divs by fixing their width and setting their left and right margins to auto.
I forked your pen and changed a couple things.

Good luck!

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What would be the best way to make the dark gray at the bottom extend downwards indefinitely?

You applied the lighter grey as the background color for the body element which means that every element that doesn’t have it’s own background-color property set is going to use that light grey color. Since you want the dark grey to extend all the way down, I would apply the dark grey as the background-color for the body and then declare the lighter grey as the background-color for the two sections of the page you want to use that.