Personal Website (not a FCC project)

Thank you! Glad you think so!

Looks great, love the colour scheme.

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I love it, great showcase of what you can do!

The only thing I might do differently is: I would place images (with a subtle overlay) for the project cards. The names do not mean much to me and images are always very welcome. But that is just my personal opinion :slight_smile:

Hey, Faris welcome to freecodecamp.
I hope you’re loving it.

There are images with overlay tho.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes i am having fun

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I see you learned some Jonas tutorials, and i suggest to use similar style.

  • Show more Photos (maybe replace black color background), more actions on buttons.

I like only footer…

Nice projects section.

I like the set up- maybe a suggestion is to change the opacity of the overlay to be able to see the images better- they’re really hard to see- I had to squint to even realize there were images there lol.

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Well done you, keep it up!

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It does look very nice.

I’d really like to see something you have hand-coded from scratch using no frameworks (Bootstrap/Template, Uikit, Materialize) and not based on a tutorial. It wouldn’t have to be anything amazing, just as long as it was built by hand, by you, from scratch. Just to show you know the basics.

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As I’ve only been learning to code for several weeks now I can’t give an expert opinion however I absolutely love the look of your site, it’s really original and makes me want to see the whole site which is surely the aim.

Great job :+1:

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Really like it, I recognize some projects there as I’m doing the advanced CSS course myself, that course really leveled up my CSS right? I thought I was good at it but following a bit of BEM with Sass just makes everything so easy and structured.

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“Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose is decoration.” -Joe Natoli

The opacity is set so the text is more visible and thus hierarchy.

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I used my own CSS and the only external things I used was Paper.js (circles hero section) and UIKit (isotope menu the showcase, the cards and their animation were done by me with CSS). Also, been working on other courses so maybe after I’m done I’ll get into making other projects. Thanks for your feedback!

For projects done not by a tutorial, you can go to my GH account (footer) and/or click on freelance (showcase section).

Hello there, nice and clean, I would suggest putting there a link to PDF of your CV. This should be in the top header on the first page.
Also, why you put a link to your code pen there, since you have only 2 projects with just a blank pages. I would put it away.
I wish you luck :wink:

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Wow. I love it!

Makes me wanna work even harder to get where you are. (though i’m married to a developer/engineer/he knows like i don’t know how many languages and i’m like 20+ yrs behind him when it comes to experience)

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I had loads and removed them for some reason. Thanks for your feedback!

Learn what is relevant to where you want to be. It’s all about the journey, not the goal.

Happy coding!

Great job…! it is inspiring

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