Pham's Product Landing page feedback

Hello everyone, I have finished my Product Landing Page. And here’s the link:

Oh, and please shout out to BGMC Station company because the info I used is from their website. They are a music company and their music is great!
Here’s there website: Music for Business - BGMC Station

Also, shout out to a person name Vũ Gia Long. I’m not sure he has an account, but shout out to him because his page helped me on the process on making my page.

There’s no sponsorship. I really want to shout out to them :slight_smile:

Anyway, I will be really appreciate if you guys spend some time to feedback on my page. Thank you and have a nice day. Stay safe!

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Hi @phamminhphu161009 !

I think your page looks good on desktop.
You have some issue for smaller devices though.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 11.23.55 AM

You also have a horizontal scrollbar.
I would keep working on responsiveness.

Also I wouldn’t use br tags like this.


If you want to create space between elements then use css instead.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for visiting and having feedback on my website! Sorry about the responsives problem, I didn’t know that would happen because I only checks width: 650px. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it helped me a lot!

Thank you very much.


Hi @aymgoa !

Welcome to the forum!

I redacted your link because it didn’t relate to the topic and it was a link to your website.

We don’t allow self promotion of businesses on the forum.


Hi as another has said, it looks really cool on desktop, nice design I haven’t done this project yet so it’s def giving me some ideas.
I would center the videos if at all possible.
At medium size (and smaller) there are some responsive issues. Maybe just play around with different sizes for your @media to kick in between desktop and mobile.

Hi @Whistler1 . Thank you for giving me feedback! I’m sorry about the responsive issue. I will check it out. At first, because I thought 650px is the true size of the smaller devices so I just put @media (max width: 650px) :sweat_smile: . Anyway, thank you for letting me know about this. Have a good day. Looking forward to see your project :slight_smile:

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