Pharo Smalltalk Mooc

Wanted to let people know about a free mooc on Pharo Smalltalk just started yesterday. It will last 7 weeks.
You can find it here: France Université Numérique

If u do the work they will give a cert for it. There is a discourse channel for students as well.
You can do the course anytime if u d not want to follow the 7 week live format by visiting:

Smalltalk is the original object oriented language and has inspired many of today’s languages including javascript. It is really neat in that it is not just a language, it is a whole environment. A virtual machine that runs your code and that you program in with a built-in editor.
There are no files, everything is saved in an image.
Runs on mac, win, linux, ios, android, rasp pi or in the browser. to learn more about Pharo.

Some small code snippets if u want to take a peek:

And a short overview that gives a nice picture of what Phaor/Smalltalk is: